Untitled Ethan Perryman

ethan perryman

We are all turning into everyone around us all the time. Art that recognizes this fact - that gathers people together to make things without preconception or agenda - facilities this transformation, lowers the barriers of individuality, and opens us up to the possibility of a more fundamental communication.

The forms we make in art are not as interesting as the forms that making art makes in us. Making art is a convenient pretext to get people together, but the material artifacts that these gatherings leave behind - which are simply a record of experience - matter less than the experience itself: the transient and yet eternal constellations of people brought together in place and time. The process of marking art, especially together, is uniquely fulfilling and healing. You get totally engrossed in something, you forget who you are, you become aware of something more.

We often think of the distinction between waking consciousness and dreams as a dichotomy, when in reality it is much more blurred.
We are haunted not only by the past, but by the infinite potential futures that await us, no less real for not yet being realized.

To imagine is to be able to see through to the other side - to perceive another world, and the threads that connect it to ours. We're being pulled in all ways by infinite streams of energy at all times. We just choose which ones to embrace and which to resist.

'Untitled' Darkroom prints by Ethan Perryman

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