Butterflies Ling DeBellis

ling debellis

play with sounds, light and text.

play with place and space.

work across interdisciplinary fields, especially with musicians.
ask psychological-scientific-philosophical questions and

respond in art

     why do we behave like that?
     what makes us feel this way?
     how do you think about this?

I like pushing social boundaries and playing with cultural miscommunications, especially regarding human sexual behavior and how we (mis)perceive these behaviors. i like things that are beautifully provocative, and my work attempts to abstract the taboo. i like to imagine my pieces and installations as social experiments, as vessels to examine ourselves, as spaces to think and to feel, as places to find the beauty in seeing something new or different.


Image of risograph zines by Ling DeBellis

Image of risograph zines by Ling DeBellis


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