The Pond Lorelei Dearing

lorelei dearing
The Pond

I want my paintings to summon the richness of the familiar world. Whether it is rich, green washes or planted trees or the crisp geometry of cable-stayed bridges, sublime, abundant spaces are to be found all around us. We as people are able to have deep connections with a space based on how we associate it with its uses, history, and community. These attachments can stretch into all aspects of human experience, in the way that 'home' is more than a foundation with walls and a roof. I think this relationship that we as people have with our commonplace environments are truly ethereal gifts. When we enter or remember a place, we become a part of that place, and leave our mark on it. I find that communion to be extremely intimate and emotional, and I want my paintings to capture the experience with vivid colors and brush strokes.

'The Pond' painting by Lorelei Dearing

painting by Lorelei Dearing

Painting by Lorelei Dearing


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