"I met you as if we're strangers" Nida Fatima

nida fatima

Svairini. "A woman known for her independence, with no sexual bars, and acting as she wishes, is called svairini. She makes love with her own kind."

Babur, the first Muslim Mughal emperor of India in the 1500s wrote in his autobiography: "...there was a boy from the camp market named Baburi... I developed a strange inclination for him - rather, I made myself miserable for him"

In 1862, white British colonizers enacted Section 377 for the Indian Penal Code: Intercourse against the order of nature will be punished with life imprisonment.


I grew up in Pakistan, away from white people. Can I describe Pakistan?

My spoons were silver, my walls concrete.
Night jasmines, Sun-flowers, and Hashish
Ghalib, Parveen and Maulana Tariq Jameel
Quran, Qawwali and Item-songs
In Lal bazaar or in Islam
You are free, and I am not.

چاند تنہا ہے آسمان تنہا ، دل ملا ہے کہاں کہاں تنہا     

زندگی کيا اسی کو کہتے ہيں؟ جسم تنہا ہے اور جاں

Paintings with mixed media by Nida Fatima

Painting by Nida Fatima

Painting by Nida Fatima

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