Rachel Tolbert Kimbro

Degree(s): BA, Rice University; 2001; MA and PhD, Princeton Uniersity, 2003-05

VADA Concentration: Theatre

Rice Graduation Year: 2001

Rachel Kimbro (Brown 2001) is a professor of sociology at Rice. While at Rice, she was active as a Rice Players Coordinator and acted in a Players show 7 of her 8 semesters (she co-produced MacBeth, a Players/Bakershake co-production, in her final semester). Favorite roles at Rice include Emma in Pinter's Betrayal, Natasha in Stoppard's Rough Crossing, and Alice More in Bolt's A Man for All Seasons, which was Sandy Havens' final production as Director of the Rice Players. Although Rachel has 'retired' from theater, she lives vicariously through the directing work of her husband, Rob (Sid '95, also a former Players coordinator), and also enjoys supporting campus theatre. Even though she no longer acts or produces, Rachel's presentation and speaking skills acquired as a Player come in handy in the classroom, especially in large classes. In addition, she learned more about managing large projects and working with others during her time as a Players Coordinator than at any other time in her life.